Cold Milling

Creating a better Surface for Repaving or Resurfacing

We offer a simple solution to common pavement problems like uneven surfaces, poor drainage, slippery conditions, and roughness.

ALAMP Cold Milling Service

Our Capabilities

  • Smoothing uneven surfaces
  • Removal of top-down cracks
  • Creating a proper base for pavement overlays
  • Correcting surface drainage issues
  • Adjusting cross slopes and gradients

Cold milling is the best method to remove cracked or worn-out asphalt from road surfaces. This process eliminates the need for full-depth reclamation if the base is still in good condition. The amount of asphalt removed depends on the original surface condition and the desired outcome.

ALAMP combines state-of-the-art milling equipment with skilled professionals to ensure maximum production and customer satisfaction. Cold milling can be applied to specific problem areas without disturbing the rest of the roadway, making it a targeted and efficient solution. This cost-effective and sustainable process can be repeated whenever necessary.

  • We have developed a reputation for being the best in our field, recognized by a wide range of industries.
  • ALAMP is known for our dedication to safe work zones. We prioritize safety at every phase of your project.
  • Our team uses the newest equipment and state-of-the-art technology, which sets us apart from other contractors.
ALAMP Cold Milling Service

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